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Risky Business

Since last week’s Five Minute Friday prompt, RISK, I’ve been contemplating whether I’m a risk-taker or an analyzer.

I suppose by considering this question for an entire week, I got my answer! That I made a list of all the risks I’ve ever taken might be another good sign.

Analyzer or not, my list revealed that I do indeed take risks… as long as I have a trustworthy person taking the risk with me.

Together, my husband and I have summited seven fourteeners (mountains over 14,000 feet). I accomplished this because I knew Robert would extend a hand and pull me up when I struggled to keep going.

In my late thirties, I put my face underwater for the first time because my pastor (who was also a swim coach) was with me in the pool, and I knew he wouldn’t let me drown.

Twice this last month, I’ve gotten in a saddle—and both times it was actually attached to a horse! I’m able to face my horse riding fears because right beside me or right in front of me is my friend on her horse.

All these examples involve a person I could see, but my list revealed that the greatest risks I’ve taken involve a person I can’t see... but whose presence is no less visible.

I’ve made big moves, quit jobs, and chased dreams when it didn’t look like finances would support those decisions because Jesus said, “Follow Me,” and extended His hand when I struggled to keep going.

I got married, had children, and instructed large classrooms of students under age seven even though I was afraid to fail because Jesus was with me, and I knew He wouldn’t let me drown.

I face each day because Jesus is right beside me or right in front of me instructing me in the way I should go.

Whether we choose them, or they choose us, life is full of risks.

Isn’t it wonderful knowing we don’t have to face them alone?


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