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About Amy Lynn

be·lov·ed | dearly loved: dear to the heart

Except for a short-lived season when I wished my parents had spelled my name A-i-m-e-e, I've always loved my name and the story they'd tell of my dad choosing it before I was born.  

​Many years later, I learned that Amy means beloved, but it wasn't until I heard God whisper, "You are My beloved," that the meaning shifted from head knowledge to a heart-level identity. 

​Through writing, I wrestle with this truth, longing to live more fully as God's beloved.


Because of God's great love and His redemptive nature, I write romantic, happy ending stories . I fall in love with the hero because of the man who stands beside me through the good and the bad.


My prayer for you, the reader, is that my stories will resonate, reaching deep and exchanging lies for the truth. 


And where you hear God whisper, "You are My beloved."

All photos courtesy of Dutchworks Photography

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