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Moving in Union

Have you ever seen a flock of pelicans glide over the water?

A couple weeks ago, while visiting my daughter in North Carolina, I enjoyed this spectacle from a pier at Wrightsville Beach. The way the birds moved in effortless union, rising and falling as one, captivated me.

Amazingly, somewhere in the Midwest as we drove back to Colorado, my husband and I witnessed another bird phenomenon.

For countless miles, thousands of black birds flew in formation. They blended into a harmonious whole, flying in one direction but not in a straight line. Set against a pale blue sky, they banked to the left and right, soared high and dropped low, like a black ribbon drifting through the air.

Twice God tugged at my heart, asking me to take notice of the birds. Both times I stood in awe of His glory displayed in creation, but there was something more, a deep longing in my spirit.

Though I’m clumsy and chaotic, moved in different directions by forces other than God, I could sense myself moving in effortless union with my Creator as innately as those birds moved with one another.

And I knew exactly what I am created for.


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