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I Forgot

Experience has taught me if I set my oven broiler on high and walk away, whatever I put inside will burn.

I’ve experienced this multiple times—once again on Wednesday night with garlic toast—so, now that I think of it, if I continue this practice of walking away from the broiler, I can’t say experience “taught me,” now can I? 😊

If I’m worrying over our budget again this morning, wondering how far the weekly paycheck can stretch, I guess I also can’t say experience has taught me to trust God’s faithfulness to provide.

That doesn’t mean God isn’t faithful, though, or that He hasn’t proven His faithfulness to me time and time again.

It just means that experience has taught me one thing for sure: I forget.

And if I want to be better at remembering, I must put certain practices into action.

Like starting each day by reading and meditating on God’s Word, so I stay focused on what’s true.

Like writing my blessings, so I stay focused on what’s good.

Like praying over problems more than stewing over them, so I stay focused on what’s possible with God.

How about you? What has experience taught you about God? What are you doing to remember that today?

I chose to pause my budget work and look at last week’s list of answered prayers, recalling how God miraculously took care of my daughter’s financial burden, and I prayed, casting my anxiety upon God because He cares about me (1 Peter 5:7, NIV).

Now… if I can just remember to use the low broiler setting on my oven and to never walk away!


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