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Checklist of Success

Five Minute Friday is a supportive community of Christian writers with the main feature of taking a weekly one-word prompt and writing about it for five minutes flat. I’ll be honest… I’m a slow, messy, meticulous writer, so a time limit of five minutes with no additional time for editing and revising is way out of my comfort zone. But I’m up for the challenge and ready to be stretched, so here I go:

One-word prompt: Success

My measure of success looks like a checklist. Whether written or carried in my head, little boxes ticked off when things are completed makes me happy.

This isn’t all bad, I suppose, but it can be.

Because my list is man-made most days not God-made. What are others saying I should do today? How am I dictating the order of my day by what I think I should do?

I’ve noticed this now more than ever—since I started writing.

The more I learned about the writing world, the writing craft, self-editing, platform, and marketing, the longer my checklist became.

And, boy, checking off all those boxes every day with every word I write and every post I make has been daunting. I’m wore out!

True success is obedience to God, and I want my life to reflect this.

Every day… one box to check off.



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