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Are We There Yet?

Five Minute Friday one-word prompt: RUSH

“Punch it!”

This is my husband’s favorite saying when he’s in the passenger seat and I’m driving. He’s not in a rush, just likes to go fast. And probably enjoys seeing me smile the first time he says it, roll my eyes the second time, and tell him to stop by the third time.

“Punch it!”

My husband’s never said this when we’re crossing the street on foot, cars stopped and waiting for us. In fact, as I try to rush ahead, he slows his pace even more and pulls me back in line with him. This used to infuriate me, still does some days, but mostly it makes me laugh.

Although, it hasn’t broken my habit of wanting to rush through crosswalks… and life.

I’m holding Jesus’ hand, hurrying along, urging Him to pick up the pace.

He slows, pulls me back in line with Him, tells me, “There’s no rush.”

This world provokes us to make things happen. Do more. Faster, faster, faster!

“Are we there yet?”

God created us for union with Him, to walk hand-in-hand. If we want to maintain our union, we must go at His pace.

God doesn’t rush.

So we need to slow down.


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