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A New Now

A month ago, if I’d driven downtown on a Friday afternoon, I’d be hard-pressed to find a parking spot. Now there are unlimited spaces but few open businesses.

If I met a friend on the street, we’d greet each other with a hug. Now we keep a safe six-foot distance.

Any other April, the sign outside the elementary school would’ve welcomed students back from spring break. Now the sign reads, “We miss you!”

Smiles were abundant during my biweekly grocery shopping trips. Now masks hide those smiles.

We used to call and text our family members and friends, perform random acts of kindness, look people in the eye and say good morning. Hopefully, we still are.

We used to send birthday cards in the mail, read bedtime stories to our kids, take our dogs for walks, watch the sun rise in the east and set in the west. Hopefully, we still are.

We’re coming to terms with how things have changed, but I hope we don’t forget what remains the same.

We used to trust a certain God with an uncertain future. Praise Jesus, we still can!


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