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The Lord Will Provide

"When a significant word is mentioned for the first time in the Word of God, the principles connected with that word at that point hold true throughout the rest of Scripture. This is called the principle of first mention." Kay Arthur, Lord, I Want to Know You

I'd never heard the term "principle of first mention" until this summer when I participated in an online biblical framework class. Considering the importance of when God first mentions a word in Scripture fascinated me. Imagine my delight when our study on the names of God also included this principle!

In this week's video, we'll study the account of Abraham and Isaac, and not only will we find the first mention of Jehovah-jireh, The Lord Will Provide, but also love, worship, and obeyed. It's truly beautiful!

So glad to be with you again after a month apart. Click here to view the video.


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