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Our Need For Healing

In our devotional study on the names of God, Lord I Want to Know You, by Kay Arthur, the chapter on Jehovah-rapha, The Lord Who Heals, is one of the longest chapters. It includes pages and pages of Bible passages about what Jehovah-rapha heals, how He heals, and why He heals.

After reading all the references, it seemed impossible to consolidate it all into a 10-15 minute video. Especially when the Christian beliefs and disputes surrounding divine healing battled for attention and demanded answers.

But our good and gracious God highlighted specific points for me to share - points that spoke straight to my heart - one being our first and greatest indisputable need of healing.

In this week's study, we'll see how, just like with the Israelites, the Lord leads us to places of need in order to reveal Himself to us more fully.


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