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Looking Beyond Myself

“I am awesome!”

Every time my favorite Peloton instructor prompts me to say these words out loud during a ride, I’m thankful I’m not in the studio with her; I wouldn’t want her to see me roll my eyes.

But, you know, it got me thinking whether there’s another phrase I could say after finishing a challenging section of the ride. Maybe, “I am God’s masterpiece,” because Scripture tells me this is true (Ephesians 2:10, NLT) Other versions translate masterpiece as “handiwork,” “workmanship,” and “creation.” Any combination of those words would work.

Although, I realize, I don’t need to speak these words out loud. I no longer have this insatiable craving to be reminded of these truths because I no longer doubt them (most of the time).

I know I’m God’s masterpiece, His workmanship, His handiwork, His creation… His beloved.

Two years ago, when I started my website and blog, I couldn’t say that. Well, I could, but I didn’t say it with a knowing in my soul. It was an affirmation I set on repeat to take captive the slew of negative thoughts about myself.

God had me on a journey—a journey we’re still on together—to believe and live out the truth of who He says I am.

To arrive at this place—where it’s not as important that I know I am God’s masterpiece, but that I help others know this about themselves. I’m no longer constantly searching within to convince myself of the truth.

Knowing the truth guides me to look outside myself.

Rather than saying, “I am God’s masterpiece,” I want to look at another person and have my first thought be, “You are God’s masterpiece.”

Especially those who’ve hurt me, the ones who frustrate me, the ones I don’t understand… the ones I’ve judged.

How might my heart transform even more if I exchanged:

· “What is wrong with them?” for “They are God’s masterpiece”

· “They drive me crazy” for “They are God’s workmanship”

· “I can’t forgive them for what they did” for “God created them in His image”?

Two prayers are changing my life: “Lord, break my heart for what breaks Yours” and “Jesus, help me see others the way You see them.”

For a time, Jesus needed to help me see myself as He sees me. Without those eyes, how could He use me to share His hope and truth with others about living as His beloved?

If this is where you are today, struggling to believe you’re God’s masterpiece, don’t be ashamed. It’s not prideful to ask Jesus to reveal this truth to you or to speak these truths to yourself. You’re not selfish for taking time to ask Jesus and wait for His answer… no matter how long it takes.

Because once you know perfect love in the depths of your soul, you get to look outward and give that love away.

To be filled with a burning desire to say, “You are God’s masterpiece,” and have the recipient take it to heart and live it out.


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