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Wrapped in Wonder

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Walking in a winter wonderland - that's where you would've found me if you'd been looking for me yesterday morning.

Standing in stillness. Fresh snow, like granulated sugar, untouched in areas as far as I could see. A light hat, gloves, and mediocre down coat substantial for warmth. The sun filtered by a foggy-clouded sky.

The rhythmic sound of crunchy foot steps occupied the spaces of my mind, barricading the common, unnecessary paths it often travels. There's a peaceful sense of being under water, every sound muted and muffled.

I walked with Zugspitze as long as I could, turning down new paths, crossing open fields, feeling lighter with each step, certain if I glanced back I would see what I was shedding and leaving behind.

Tears sprang to my eyes, as they often do these days, at the thought of God and His abundant blessings. I identify with the lyrics to the Tauren Wells song Known: I cannot find the reasons why You give me so much. Why am I allowed the opportunity to pursue a dream, learn new things, expand my horizons, take time to consider my life and to just think - deeply? I do not know ... but I'm overflowing with gratitude.

I stood by my car at the end of our walk, reluctant to get in and drive away. Not wanting to watch as the moment disappeared in my rear view mirror. But the revelation came that I don't need to leave it behind. I can take the moment with me wherever I go.

My daughter grew up with a favorite blanket. Even when I thought I'd convinced her to leave it at home, it had a way of appearing wherever we would go. She never forgot it.

These stolen moments can be like a favorite blanket, wrapped around my heart, cradling the pleasure and perception of God's very presence.

With me wherever I go.

Never forgotten.


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