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More Time

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Are there certain times of the day that are "magical" to you? And truly it has nothing to do with magic.

It's those particular times when you aren't running, it's quiet and still inside and out. The warmth of God's presence fills you and washes over you.

Embraces you like no other.

And all you want to do is linger.

All you want is a little more time like that.

For the clock to stop.

For the earth to stand still and nothing to change.

For me, in the last winter months, it was the early morning darkness at my kitchen table. I longed for the sun to stay hidden behind the mountains just a little bit longer.

My time now is around 7:30 am on our deck. The lunatic birds that visit us every morning have moved on to make their racket elsewhere (it really is an amazing sight to see as they infiltrate our space, but their noise level is also quite amazing!) and it becomes so still and so quiet - serenity.

I turn so the sun is warm on my back, close my eyes, breathe in Jesus, breathe out myself. Breathe in His grace for the day, breathe out His praise. Holy Spirit in, Holy Spirit out.

A full day looms ahead. There are crumbs, dirt, and hair (mine and the dog's) sticking to my feet as I walk around the house, groceries to be bought, budget to be considered.

It all pulls at me insinuating I do not have the time to stop. But....I do. So I did.

I pray you do, too.

Whatever that time is for you.

A sunrise


evening walk

early morning walk

in a chair, window open, breeze blowing in

on top of a mountain

in a valley

gazing at the stars

Meet Him there.


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