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The Presence of Joy

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

The gifts of being fully present and engaged:

#2 We get to experience the joy of our family and friends:

“Am I ever going to experience joy again?”

It was more of a plea to God than a question. I really wasn’t sure I ever would. He answered me with a resounding “YES” through my daughter, Maddie, and a youth group football game in the snow.

I found a dry piece of ground and sat alone on the side of the field. I was sad for many different reasons. I looked at Maddie, all bundled up in her snow clothes, her eyes twinkling and her cheeks flushed from more than the crisp winter air. She was in her element and relishing the opportunity.

I won’t be able to retell the details of the football game the way Maddie would, but I do remember with each pass she caught and each touchdown she made, God was filling me with joy.

Joy because my daughter was experiencing such happiness during a difficult season of her life.

Joy because I experienced every, single moment of it. I allowed the deepest part of God to speak to the deepest part of me.

Maddie was named the MVP that day. We have a Christmas ornament that hangs on our tree every year commemorating this momentous day. It's a memory shared with my daughter I will never forget.

The Lord has surrounded us with the blessing of people and invites us to be in relationship. When we are tuned out and focused elsewhere, we can miss important moments. Moments that can change our lives and theirs forever.

Let’s listen better during conversations.

Let’s look into each other’s eyes.

Let’s pay attention and experience every little detail of life ... because it's way too short.


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