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Oh How He Loves Us

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

I am overwhelmed by the love of my Heavenly Father.

If ever there's a day I'm not, it's because I'm not paying attention.

Today is Labor Day, and I'm celebrating it as I do every year - SICK!

As a teacher, once school begins, I get the same type of virus, and it knocks me down for at least a week. Even though I have felt completely miserable for several days, I am so grateful for the love messages I've received.

On Friday morning I was feeling the worst. I had taken something for my fever and body aches and was praying to feel good enough to enjoy a visit from my best friend - my beautiful daughter. It had been at least a month since I had seen Maddie, and I was SO looking forward to spending some time with her.

And she was only going to be with me for a few hours, so I asked God to help me feel good enough to be fully present with her.

I was blessed by our time together and my heart overflowed. We were able to share in chapel at school together, go to lunch, do some shopping (Maddie totally spoiled me with gifts), have some fro-yo, and enjoy great conversation as always.

Once she left, my fever spiked, and I crashed hard, BUT my prayers had been answered! This was a beautiful message of love.

My sweet Father also kept our precious puppy quiet and calm, which is rare in the afternoon/early evening, so I could sleep, a good, sound sleep. Oh, how you love me, Jesus!

I have a wonderful husband who cared for me over the weekend, showed me love even when I was cranky and irritable, and let me do a whole lot of sleeping with my legs sprawled over top of him. He took Zug out for runs and walks, cooked meals, cleaned, watched movies with me, and did the grocery shopping. He was never far, always checking to see if there was something he could get for me. There were moments when I allowed myself to feel frustrated because we couldn't spend our weekend time the way I would have liked, but then I realized we spent it exactly as we should have--abundantly.

This morning, Robert sent me a text that read, "Hi baby, thank you for a beautiful, restful weekend. I love you Amy Lynn." Another message of love.

I'm still feeling the affects of this beautiful long weekend as I sit here in a quiet house. My love tank is full, and I can't quit saying, "Thank You," to my wonderful Father for all the ways He demonstrates His love.

I have so many other stories of His love I want to share, but this is all I have the energy for today. There will be more.

Right now, though, it's time for a nap ...

Father, Thank You for Your abundant love! Everything about You is love because You are love! I am so grateful for all the times I have recognized Your acts of love for me, and I am sorry for the times I have been too preoccupied to notice. You overwhelm me with your love, and I know I'm only catching a glimpse of it today. Lord, cause me to be more focused on You and more present each and every day. May I forget none of Your benefits. May I never take You for granted. Oh, how You love us! I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine (Song of Solomon 6:3a).


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